Nuns' Island spa polluting water basins

Strom spa given two weeks to rewire pipes

A well-known spa on Nuns' Island has been dumping raw sewage into a nearby basin for several years because of a plumbing issue — and now, the spa's owners have been given two weeks to fix the problem.

It seems the owners of the Strom Spa Nordique were not aware that its wastewater piping was connected to the rainwater sewer, polluting the picturesque basin and causing nearby residents to complain about the smell, and the thick green coat of algae that has formed on the surface.

The spa opened in 2009, and it seems the problem was only discovered three weeks ago. The borough of Verdun has ordered the owners of the spa to fix the problem by connecting its wastewater piping to the sewer that sends the wastewater to a water treatment facility instead — and to do so by the middle of this month.

The facility's co-owner says he's shocked at the problem, and promises to act quickly.

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