Charbonneau: Accurso grilled about 'contacts'

After a relatively calm day on the stand yesterday, former construction boss Tony Accurso dropped what's considered his first bombshell at the Charbonneau Commission this morning.

After years of denial, Tony Accurso finally admitted he knew members of Montreal's notorious Rizzuto crime family — sort of.

After being asked directly whether he knew Vito Rizzuto — who died last December — Accurso said he had his contact information in his smart phone.

He also had that of Nick Rizzuto Jr., who was murdered in N.D.G. in December 2009.

But he did not know Vito Rizzuto's father, Nick Rizzuto Sr.

While he was combative at times, at other times Accurso smirked and laughed while listening to wiretaps of a rival contractor denouncing him, using colourful language — at one point, dismissing someone heard on one of the wiretaps as "clearly drunk."

He also described his relationships with several key union leaders, including FTQ-Construction head Jean Lavallee, whom he described as a brother.

He's expected to remain on the stand until Friday.

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