Cognac, cigars and Facebook behind bars

Source: Facebook

Tough life for some in prison.

Cognac, cigars, cell phones, Internet and Facebook.

Prisoners at the Bordeaux jail in Montreal are reported to have easy access to items normally banned behind bars.

Michael Simoneau-Meunier recently published photos on his Facebook page of what appears to be his living condition while serving time.

The Journal de Montreal shows the man smoking cigars and holding a bottle of $250 cognac.

Simoneau-Meunier is awaiting a sentence for armed robbery, and it's not the first time he's been in jail.

The Public Security ministry told the Journal there is zero-tolerance for booze, drugs, tobacco and cell phones in jail.

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  1. joeN posted on 09/03/2014 09:30 AM
    Who is running our jails in Quebec??? They can't get security up to date to prevent helicopter escapes and now we have confirmation that life at bourdeaux is the club med of prisons. What will the justice minister do to correct this mess?? Doesn't sound like the liberals have control on much these days, unions run amok, deficit growing, former and present health ministers can't get their act straight. Sounds to me we are getting closer to achieving the "planet of the apes" in this province.
  2. Jeannine James posted on 09/03/2014 04:38 PM
    This is so wrong. I am no great fan of prisons but until we come up with a better idea, this is all we have. Quebecers pay handsomely to ensure that these facilities are run well and as they ought to be. Instead, what happens is that grieving families and victims get a thumb up the nose from the prison administration as they permit inmates to party and access social media whence they taunt victims and brag about their exploits and misdeeds.
    I have seen Facebook postings, selfies and group photos of the man who savagely murdered my only child, my 18-year old son, taken within the confines of Bordeaux where he languidly accumulates time.
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