Paramedics say they're not equipped for Ebola patients

Following Ebola scares, the Quebec health ministry has launched a plan to deal with the deadly disease but the paramedics union is sounding the alarm because it says it does not have the equipment it needs to transport people suffering from Ebola to hospital.

Notre-Dame and Sainte-Justine hospitals have been chosen by the health ministry as the designated centres for Ebola cases in Quebec.

The ministry told ambulance attendants to wear a mask, gloves, safety glasses and a special gown when transporting people showing Ebola like symptoms.

But their union says the level of protection isn't adequate because it doesn't protect them from vomit or blood and it could be putting others at risk.

Health minister Gaetan Barette says everything is safe.

“We put measures in place so that we will be ready and we are ready as we speak,” he said.

He added that the risk is extremely minimal but the ministry did not want to take chances.

There's been a few Ebola scares in the city.

The most recent was a woman who showed symptoms but tested negative for the disease Tuesday.

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  1. Kat posted on 09/04/2014 02:17 PM
    What about sneezing???

    When mask, gloves, safety glasses and a special gown are not enough, maybe they should shut down all flights so hat we don't end up with a pandemic.
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