OQLF cut under first Leitao budget

The Office Quebecoise de la Langue Française has not escaped the axe in the first budget issued under Philippe Couillard.

The organization's 24 million dollar budget will be cut in 2014-2015 by $350,000.

The Liberals have listed a number of cuts in other ministries and organizations. Here's a quick snap-shot:

-$190 million cut from the Transport ministry

-$4 million cut from the Tourism ministry

-$845,000 cut from the Régie du Logement, the board that hears disagreements between renters and landlords

-$9.4 million cut from the Environment ministry

-$55 million cut from the Employment ministry

-$29 million cut from the ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

-$8 million cut from the Immigration ministry -$10 million from International Relations

Other ministries may experience tight budgetary controls, despite a budget increase.

The health care system has been granted a 3 percent increase in its budget, which Quebec's nurses union says will not be sufficient to cover the rising costs.

West island train

The Leitao budget does not set aside any specific money for a train service to the West Island. The budget slots public transport to the West Island as a subject for study.

The president of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux, says by law the project must first be listed for study before it can proceed.

"It doesn't mean that we are just at the initial stage," says Coiteux, "but in order to put it in the planning stage and later on in the realization stage, we need to go through particular steps."

Carlos Leitao says the West Island train remains one of his government's top priorities.

"We'll be four years in government so we have time," says the finance minister.