CJAD Address:

1717 boulevard René-Lévesque Est Montréal (Québec) H2L 4T9

Phone Numbers:

Main Switchboard: (514) 989-CJAD (2523)
Studio Line: (514) 790-0800
Long Distance Line: 1-800-491-CJAD (2523)
Cellular Talk Show Line: *8255 [*TALK]
Newsroom Line: (514) 989-3838
Traffic Department Line: *800

Social Media:



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To send a text message to the host :
  1. From your cellular phone, open a new text message
  2. Enter the destination number : 514800
  3. Start message
  4. Send your message. 

* Standard rates apply.
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Email Addresses:

To send a birthday/ celebration announcement
Questions or comments about programming
cbury@cjad.com (Chris Bury)
Questions or comments about news
 (Chris Bury)
Questions or comments about promotions and contests
Questions or comments about advertising
Questions or comments about events and the Street Team
streetteam@cjad.com (Jessica A. Dionne)
Announcers Email Addresses:
Announcers email addresses are located on their individual pages in the program guide.

Listen to CJAD 800

On the dial: 800 AM
Online: Listen Live Player
Videotron Illico: Channel 573
Mobile: CJAD App