CJAD Address:

1717 boulevard René-Lévesque Est Montréal (Québec) H2L 4T9

Phone Numbers:

Main Switchboard: (514) 989-CJAD (2523)
Studio Line: (514) 790-0800
Long Distance Line: 1-800-491-CJAD (2523)
Cellular Talk Show Line: *8255 [*TALK]
Newsroom Line: (514) 989-3838
Traffic Department Line: *800

Social Media:



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To send a text message to the host :
  1. From your cellular phone, open a new text message
  2. Enter the destination number : 514800
  3. Start message
  4. Send your message. 

* Standard rates apply.
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Email Addresses:

To send a community announcement
To send a birthday/ celebration announcement
Questions or comments about programming
cbury@cjad.com (Chris Bury)
Questions or comments about this website
Questions or comments about news
cbury@cjad.com (Chris Bury)
Questions or comments about promotions and contests
Questions or comments about advertising
Questions or comments about events and the Street Team
streetteam@cjad.com (Cristina Rizzo)
Announcers Email Addresses:
Announcers email addresses are located on their individual pages in the program guide.

Listen to CJAD 800

On the dial: 800 AM
Online: Listen Live Player
Videotron Illico: Channel 573
Mobile: CJAD App