Drinkable sunscreen-Gulping nonsense

At McGill we have very stringent requirements for getting into Medical School. Ditto for Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, a Jesuit school with a stellar reputation. But every once in a while someone slips through and ends up sullying the reputation. Dr. Ben Johnson is such a specimen. He graduated in 1994 but there is no record of him pursuing any sort of residency. Instead he set up shop as some sort of practitioner of “aesthetic medicine.” It didn’t take long for him to get into hot water and be forced to surrender his license to practice medicine after admitting to unprofessional conduct. The issue centered on injuries to patients undergoing laser hair removal and infections acquired during various treatments in Johnson’s office. But Johnson wasn’t done with medicine. He got involved in the internet prescribing of drugs such as Viagra to patients he never met, an illegal practice. When authorities began to put the squeeze on this enterprise, Johnson made the switch from being an incompetent physician to snake oil salesman. He came up with the idea of selling “harmonized water” to treat conditions ranging from fatigue and hormonal problems to reduced libido and the ultimate absurdity, protection from ultraviolet light. Johnson readily admits that what he is selling is nothing other than water, but it is water that has been exposed to radio waves that then “shares hundreds of thousands of vibrational messages with the body that restore a harmonious environment.” This is meaningless gobbledygook.

But it is best to give Johnson the rope to hang himself. So let me quote from the explanation of how this technology is supposed to work. “Harmonized Water contains several revolutionary breakthroughs to achieve success. It helps to balance tissue disharmonies by delivering beneficial radio frequencies to the cells using water as a carrier. The frequencies we use have been determined by a proprietary math formula that allows us to reverse engineer most substances to determine their actual vibrational rate. We then imprint these frequencies on water molecules by forming standing waves (waves that pulse from rest). We can communicate to the cell with a language that is better recognized and more specific than the frequencies of commonly used remedies. Drinking Harmonized Water results in a modification of the "toxic filter" which allows healthy cellular activity to return. It provides harmony to a disorganized section of anatomy but it does not affect cells operating in harmony already. It can maximize healthy activity and reduce disharmonic vibrations in a variety of physiologic abnormalities in the body. For this reason, there are not any side effects.” True, no side effects, because it is just water. The only thing added is dose of nonsense. But claiming that water has been embedded with vibrations that neutralize ultraviolet light is dangerous nonsense. How many people will develop skin cancer because they use this crazy product?

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