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Hangover cures?

Hangovers have been with us from ancient times. You'd think we'd have discovered some way to prevent them by now but in spite of what you may have heard or read on the Internet the straight story is that there are no "cures" for hangovers. There are things that you can do though to lessen the pain. First try to space out your drinking. The liver can only handle a drink an hour. More than that and toxic metabolites and the alcohol itself will start to accumulate. Water, juice are all reasonable spacers. A study out of China seems to imply that lemon-lime soda or soda water might even be better but the study wasn't done in people (just in the lab) so any fluid is probably reasonable. Before you go to bed, have a couple of glasses of water and, if you are allowed, some ibuprofen (available under many names including Advil and Motrin). Try to sleep in. In the AM go easy. Yogurt, oats and eggs all contain an amino acid called cysteine which is helpful. Juice will replenish any liquids and boost your flagging blood sugar. Toast is well tolerated. Do not drink more alcohol. Your body is already struggling to cope. All you're doing is adding to the pain. If you drink a fair amount of coffee, you might want to try a little bit of coffee, not to wake you up but to avoid a caffeine withdrawal headache. You can't sweat the posions out of your system, so a sauna is not good and may be harmful.The key is to take it easy. What your body needs is time to recover.

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