Champlain closure this weekend

South shore lanes completely closed

May Day

Police bracing for trouble

Threats, intimidation against cops on the rise

TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour

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  • RICARDO: Lobster and Avocado Bites

    Open terrasse season with this appetizer - served with a rosé, of course. Read More
  • TOMMY: Do we really need this light rail project?

    There was much hoopla last week about the announcement of an all-electric light rail project. Everyone’s breaking out the bubbly and seems convinced that this is all a wonderful idea. Mayor Coderre says fifty years after our subway system, this will place Montreal in the rank of innovative cities. I am concerned it will place Montreal in the ranks of cities like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Read More
  • TOMMY: Did the Duffy trail judge make the right call?

    Congratulations to Senator Mike Duffy for surviving months of being used as a scapegoat. Was Duffy an opportunist? Maybe. Did he commit any crimes? Absolutely not. That is why a judge acquitted him on 31 charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Bernie Sanders and Science

    The U.S. primaries are, well, interesting. Science hasn’t been prominent in the debates, perhaps because none of the candidates has a stellar background in the subject. Donald Trump has demonstrated particular ignorance with his nonsensical comments about vaccination. Read More
  • DR. MITCH: Diet, Exercise: Both? Neither? What’s Best When It Comes To Weight Loss

    I know that what I’m about to write may surprise (perhaps even anger) some of you, but it turns out that exercise is not the best way to lose weight. At the medical conference that I’m attending, a diabetes expert from Edmonton reviewed all the data on weight loss. Among his findings: exercise is good for you. It’s much better to be fit than not. Exercise is a super way to both become fit and to stay fit if you already are, but, on its own, exercise is not an easy way to shed pounds. Read More
  • DR. JOE: A Great Canadian

    Thalidomide is often mentioned as an example of a drug carelessly foisted on the public by a pharamaceutical industry that cares more about profits than safety. That isn’t exactly the case. The drug went through all the trials that were required in the 1950s, including testing on pregnant animals but thalidomide turned out to be one of those drugs that affected humans differently than animals. Read More

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