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Andrew Carter Morning Show

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Wake-up informed, entertained and with stories to share.

Andrew Carter Morning Show:

News: Comprehensive news & headlines from Andrew Peplowski and Trudie Mason
Traffic: The latest traffic reports, every 15 minutes, from Lezlie Robinson
Weather: Detailed local weather, twice-an-hour
Sports: News and opinion, twice an hour, from Als/Impact play-by-play guy Rick Moffat
John Moore: An informative and funny take on entertainment news - 7:20
Lise Ravary: Veteran columnist gives her take on a variety of political stories and news items - 6:40
Dan Cook: Blogger and commentator takes you around the world with overnight and international stories - 6:20
Dr. Mitch Shulman: Health expert with important insight for the family - 7:50
Michael Farber: Award-winning columnist on the sports news of the day - 7:55
Tommy Schnurmacher: A unique and entertaining take on politics and news - 8:40

Leslie Beck: Resident nutritionist with great nutrition advice - Monday 8:20
Chef Ricardo: Fun, easy food with one of Canada's favourite chefs - Wednesday 8:20
Richard Crouse: The country’s top film critic with his reviews - Thursday 8:20
Aislin: The legendary Gazette columnist with his take on the news - Friday 6:10
Sarah Deshaies: Our producer has quirky ideas for what to do with your weekend in the city - Friday 8:20