• Should Mayor Coderre be above the law?

    Mayor Denis Coderre, the 44th mayor of Montreal, has certainly been a busy bee. Read More
  • Should unpaid internships be banned?

    Buried deep in the election platform of the Green Party is a suggestion that we ban unpaid internships. When I spotted this item in this morning’s Gazette, I thought to myself – now that sounds like a good idea. Read More
  • A Bridge Not Far Enough

    What do you get for 4.5 million dollars in this city? Not much, apparently. On today's show Tommy talked about a footbridge in Verdun which was "completed" months ago, but which is apparently lacking some key being safe for people to walk on it. Read More
  • Should Osheaga be censored?

    Osheaga, an indie musicfest that attracts tens of thousands of music aficionados every year to Montreal, has also attracted a number of people this year who seem very concerned by who will be performing. They're so concerned, in fact, that they want to censor the festival. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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