• Should Osheaga be censored?

    Osheaga, an indie musicfest that attracts tens of thousands of music aficionados every year to Montreal, has also attracted a number of people this year who seem very concerned by who will be performing. They're so concerned, in fact, that they want to censor the festival. Read More
  • Modern-day medieval combat

    Well it looks like we're having a theme of some kind here. Last week's Cool Job was a man who forges giant swords, and this week's Cool Job was a woman who competes in medieval combat! Read More
  • Gigantic swords and the man who makes them

    We've had some pretty incredible Cool Jobs on the Tommy Schnurmacher show, but this week's guest was not only incredibly cool, he's also a bit of a mad scientist...with weapons. Read More
  • We need LESS Bixi and MORE parking spaces.

    You think there are not enough places to park right downtown right now? Wait. The city is threatening yet another lamebrain scheme as they contemplate a spanking new parking policy. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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