• TOMMY: Are you eager to pay a carbon tax to help save the planet?

    There is a little “quelque chose” you may have missed from our federal environment ministry which now styles itself as Environment and Climate Change Canada. The earnest planet-loving folk who toil there on a daily basis discreetly posted our latest greenhouse gas emissions projections for 2020 and 2030. Read More
  • TOMMY: Is The Donald done?

    The great State of Iowa is NOT the place that will determine who will be the next President of the United States. Ted Cruz may have surprised many by beating Trump, but the victory will be a hollow one. Read More
  • TOMMY: Are you optimistic about Canada’s future?

    Earlier this week, an economist I was interviewing told me that even though he was usually very optimistic, he was starting to feel pessimistic about the future of this country. My cab driver this morning was not just feeling pessimistic. He was downright concerned. Read More
  • TOMMY: Should we buy our oil from Alberta or Saudi Arabia?

    Mayor Denis Coderre is opposed to the Energy East pipeline which would carry crude oil from the Alberta oil sands to a refinery in New Brunswick. His comments have caused major outrage in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as in New Brunswick. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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