• TOMMY: Do we really need this light rail project?

    There was much hoopla last week about the announcement of an all-electric light rail project. Everyone’s breaking out the bubbly and seems convinced that this is all a wonderful idea. Mayor Coderre says fifty years after our subway system, this will place Montreal in the rank of innovative cities. I am concerned it will place Montreal in the ranks of cities like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Read More
  • TOMMY: Did the Duffy trail judge make the right call?

    Congratulations to Senator Mike Duffy for surviving months of being used as a scapegoat. Was Duffy an opportunist? Maybe. Did he commit any crimes? Absolutely not. That is why a judge acquitted him on 31 charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Read More
  • TOMMY: Why are people upset with Jean Chrétien?

    When Chrétien had the temerity to state the obvious – that the members of the community might want to move elsewhere - all hell broke loose in the world of the politically correct. Read More

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