• TOMMY: Has Uber come up with a good compromise?

    The cabbies were about to break out the bubbly. Not so the Young Liberals who were not particularly thrilled at the idea of being seen as a bunch of Luddites. That may explain why the Transport Minister backed off. Read More
  • Tommy's 20th Anniversary Celebration

    Today marks Tommy's 20th Anniversary as the host of the Tommy Schnurmacher Show! Read More
  • TOMMY: Do we really need this light rail project?

    There was much hoopla last week about the announcement of an all-electric light rail project. Everyone’s breaking out the bubbly and seems convinced that this is all a wonderful idea. Mayor Coderre says fifty years after our subway system, this will place Montreal in the rank of innovative cities. I am concerned it will place Montreal in the ranks of cities like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Read More

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